About Us

Jim Parson FounderLet me introduce myself briefly, I am Jim Parson – the founder of Savvy Survivor.

I am 29 years old and have always had a strong passion for all things outdoors. These activities include climbing, hiking, and camping.

The purpose of the Savvy Survivor is to give the reader an impartial and neutral assessment of the types of gear you need when pursuing any outdoor activity.

The products on my web page are going to be the products that I use myself when I am out pursuing my hobbies and interests in the great outdoors.

Established in 2018, Savvy Survivor continues to produce top-quality guides and product reviews for all you avid preppers and survival enthusiasts out there.

Here at Savvy Survivor, our research is thorough and our passion for survival and the outdoors is unquestionable.

We want our readers to come away from Savvy Survivor with the knowledge and practical skills to be able to survive in the most brutal and extreme conditions.

By being properly prepared, you give yourself and your loved ones the best chance possible to come through any tricky situations.

Remember, when you start off on the front foot, survival is virtually guaranteed…

Hiking in the mountains

Other Outdoor Activities

Savvy Survivor also focuses on the other two main interests in my life, which are hiking and camping. As hiking and camping are two activities that I value deeply, I am confident in my ability to know how (and where) to find the best backpacks and camping gear you will be able to find on the market.

Savvy Survivor is here to offer all backpackers and campers – regardless of your proficiency level – everything they are looking for when it comes to the year’s finest backpacks, mountain bikes and more for people of all ages. We’re also a great place for you to come and see what the most viable and useful equipment for camping are.

On our website, you’ll see drop down menus from which you can get expert advice from our panel of professionals. These professionals are able to guide you from a beginner camper to advise on how to purchase and efficiently use a paddleboard and/or kayak. Whatever you need advice on, there’s an expert waiting at Savvy Survivor to help you advance your skills.

The guides on Savvy Survivor will provide all those interested in the outdoors with the knowledge they need to make the most out of any activity. They are also great at giving you ideas on how to successfully set up your very own private backyard to give your home the right amount of outdoor flair.

Jim Parson,

Founder, Savvy Survivor.